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Overseas Projects

Greece AB Supermarket

Project description 

AB supermarket Greek local enterprises, but also the local people go shopping more places. The reason of this supermarket is also very interesting, the name is based on the two brothers from the red words is their name, there is blue ad saying: even the bird milk has... Meaning nature is... Praise himself all kinds of rich goods! When the supermarket opened first, the target population is relatively wealthy people, then there is a Swiss Corporation shares, the company's operating strategy is changed, become today we are often go to the supermarket.

Design concept

Share OP34 in play a significant role on the top shelf of the bright light. White light shell with the supermarket inside the simple and delicate decoration, bright light even more reflects the bright side of the ground. Overall, the light of the indoor environment is the only way to attract customers.

JC Lighting 2017