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Overseas Projects

Siam Shopping Plaza, Bangkok, Thailand

Project description 

Love around the Siam area young people all know Siam Discovery the city of Bangkok young trendsetter center, since the inauguration in 1997, it has a younger, personalized and iconic avant-garde style dominated the Bangkok young people's consumption habits and the concept of fashion. With the rapid development of the retail market, the store needs to think about the new marketing strategy to face the impact of electricity suppliers. Among them as a new marketing concept of Bangkok Thailand shopping malls, after more than 1 years of renovation, in May 28, 2016, Discovery Siam will once again grand opening.

Design concept

The redesigned Discovery Siam looks so different that people forget what it was like. Don't take the avant-garde and space design so skillfully, the mall looks a wall, with lights and the whole space design is particularly prominent. Shopping malls with Jiacheng MOLLO series lamp, night Siam plus Scarlett into the spotlight. Like in the bright city night. 

JC Lighting 2017