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Overseas Projects


Indonesia NAUTICA clothing store

Project description 

Located in Jakarta city center Lippo square is a shopping paradise for foreign tourists, in the shopping plaza, two floor, Nautica costumes, but also to attract a lot of foreign and local consumers.

Design concept

Because of their square foreign brand shops, Nautica want to peer in a thriving, in addition to the image of the decoration, should pay more attention to the rational use of lighting. Scarlett in the original Nautica ceiling walls planted embedded lamp 150R, a row of white light rail OP13 is installed in the model window area, environment effect and the overall lighting store.     


ZARA Dress 

Project description 

Spain ZARA apparel belonging to the Inditex group, is the world's third largest apparel retailer. In 87 countries around the world, set up more than more than 2 thousand clothing stores. Introduced here, is also located in Milan's Montenapoleone street ZARA stores, shops everywhere young people consumption figure, is indeed one of the most popular shops on this street.

Design concept

Montenapoleone street lighting renovation project shop, is a successful example of overseas project case. And ZARA store windows with light, it is the perfect embodiment of the project, the higher the shop window, and the display of goods is relatively low. How to make goods in this large area of the window, there is a clear prominent effect? Scarlett using projection angle, light effect track spotlight OP13 to install in the window top, even if the light source and the commodity distance, but the use of track lighting goods to focus just perfect, and light effects appear perfectly. 

GEOX Shoes

Project description 

Italy footwear pioneer GEOX, is the leading enterprise of the local leisure footwear industry. The brand has developed rapidly, becoming the first leisure brand in Italy, selling the world's 55 countries and regions. As a local famous brand, popular in Milan Montenapoleone street is also very popular, in addition to the local population, but also attracted a large number of foreign tourists come to the consumer.

Design concept

GEOX window style, decorated with a grid cabinet display goods. The warm light grille lamp manufacturing, the goods in the window very bright. 

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