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Domestic Projects

Beijing Hualian Supermarket Xihuan Plaza Store

Project description 

Beijing city is located in the Western Plaza in Hualian Supermarket, building area of more than 9 square meters, worth 2 billion yuan to purchase land, and completed in 2005, is one of the supermarket in Beijing city traffic is strong.

Design concept

Lighting in the supermarket, the different regions and locations have different lighting requirements. In order to meet the needs of people shopping, supermarket lighting should be designed according to the different conditions of the type of products, geographical environment, architectural style, display methods, etc., to create a unique atmosphere. For example, in the business hall of the lighting to highlight the commodity to commodity, shape, color, luster and texture can be correctly reflected; and in the lobby, the guiding role of the light is more obvious, the dark and brightness contrast, guide people tend to open in the exhibition area; you can use the spotlight, the light projected onto the goods, the goods is more prominent, more visual impact.

The Hualian Supermarket decoration style. Therefore, under the premise of satisfying the standard of illumination, the selection of the lamp and the light source is the best embodiment of the architectural features in different areas.

JC Lighting 2017