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Jia Cheng lighting gives you a different experience in the 2017 light exhibition

Creat time:2017-06-09       Views:886

The twenty-second Guangzhou International Lighting Fair (Guangya Exhibition) officially kicked off today in June 9th.
This year, Jia Cheng lighting has done a lot of work in the booth, a variety of special booth style overseas exhibition in nearly a few years on mastery, in combination with the actual situation, the use of a simulation of the scene, showing the Jiacheng style and characteristics of various applications of lamps.
The light of Asia Exhibition opening day, attracted a number of overseas buyers to visit the exhibition and appreciation. This time, Jia Cheng's booth pays more attention to the scene display, and the guests have a warm response, and the atmosphere set off the whole audience.
Our company according to the practicality of each lamp, divided into four major areas: the airport terminal area of scene simulation, clothing store, scene area hotel, Museum exhibition area. The advantages of this scene are demonstrated, and the practicability and luminous efficiency of our luminaire are more obvious. Let buyers and customers feel an immersive, feel the feeling of light. Compared to previous booths, the empty display of lamps is very different. This is a great progress made by Jia Cheng in the Guangya exhibition.
The perfect performance of each scene, people feel like being in an airport, a clothing store, a hotel, a museum, which is First impressions are strongest visual experience, so that guests at the scene slowly feel the graceful light performance, binding.

This reverse thinking methods, and facilitates the work of a more straightforward, more popular to the customers show the effect of light, break the normal procedure performance, at the same time stamp in the customer's curiosity, let more guests linger in Jiacheng booth.

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